Mika Mimura 2nd Album "Dreamii"

1,  W~New York Serenade~

2, Object

3, Dream Team

4, Rhapsody in The Moon

5, Shining

6, Marvelous's Romance

7, Treasure

8, M...

9, Iroha

10, Fath

11, Reverie

12, Dear Grandma and Grandpa

Mika Mimura 1st Album "Precious"


1, Precious : by Mika Mimura
2, Ellinida : by Mika Mimura
3, Hitomi : by Mika Mimura
4, Arena de Argentina : by Hiroshi Morikawa. 
5, BumBlues Bee : by Rimsky Korsakov, Mika Mimura
6, Czardas : by Monti. V. 
7, Aeolian Marimba : by Mika Mimura


Mika Mimura :Marimba, Vibraphone

Hiroya Tsukamoto :Guitar

Michael League :Bass

Keita Ogawa :Percussion

Hiroshi Morikawa :Piano

Shimako Sarumaru & Mika ME "wave of overtone"


1, on the way

2, komorebi

3, reality

4, reflection

5, being

6, belief

7, waving

Banda Magda "TIGRE"

shimako sarumaru "Breath of air"

1 Breath of air(with crystal bowl)

2 待つ宵明けて

3 想い風4 そのままでいつも

5 Amazing grace

6 Breath of air(with crystal bowl)Marimba ver.


Vocal&Crystal bowl:shimako

Banda Magda "yerakina"

Banda Magda yerakina
Banda Magda yerakina

Banda Magda "amour t'es la?"

Banda Magda Amour T'es La?
Banda Magda Amour T'es La?




2, iTunes(MP3)


The BandA ecLectics "Angeles Los Boston"

Angeles Los Boston
Angeles Los Boston

The BandA ecLectics were put together in September of 2006, by Greek composer and pianist, Petros Sakelliou. The group consists of crossover musicians beyond the jazz and classical mainstreams, influenced but not bound to world traditions, whether it's brazilian, cuban, argentinian, or greek. The music that Petros composes for the instrumental chamber-jazz ensemble, blurs the boundaries between composition and improvisation merging jazz, world and classical influences into a unique, personal style, a very visual, multi-layered and high energy music. Following their debut performance at Kodak Theater, the band has been constantly performing their newly recorded album (Angeles Los Boston), in Boston and New York City. In June 2008, BandA recorded a new album, "Visual Music Circus", yet to be released in 2009. Petros Sakelliou received important critical acclaim in 2007, winning the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz composition competition prize, with his composition, "Swingalong", from the album "Angeles Los Boston".


notes) With "also for little ones" Sylvie Bourban includes children and adults into her Jazz universe. Up-tempo songs, engaging characters, tenderness, 10 instruments for an album that will be envied by adults! As a bonus, beautiful illustrations and a sticker to stick anywhere except on the the living room’s leather sofa !




Lisa Yamaguchi "Platinum Blesslet"

Platinum Blesslet
Platinum Blesslet